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A first of its kind, fully insured, ACA as well as IRS Compliant program that can
snap-on to any medical insurance plan
PHMP (Proactive Health Management Plan) delivers an instant impact and results to the employers’ bottom line while complementing the existing medical insurance programs with no out of pocket and a monthly savings to the Employer.

The PHMP was created by the American Health Data Institute (AHDI), and Key Benefit Administrators (KBA) in conjunction with RGI and Proactive Risk Solutions (PRS). AHDI, KBA, RGI and PRS combined forces to create perhaps the most effective proactive health management benefit program in the United States.

The PHMP is not only today’s solution to improved health of your clients’ workforce, but it is also today’s solution for a host of other systemic benefit problems existing within almost all employer benefit plans.

• Employers receive immediate increase in the bottom line the 1st month via FICA tax savings
• Most of the Employees receive 3-5% increase in take-home-pay
• Improved employee health through the use of a patented population health management process which could help lower   employer medical claims costs
• Telemedicine – absolutley no deductibles or co-pays
• Prescription Drug Comparison Shopping Tool and Medical Services Shopping Tool
• Significantly improved benefits package could help stabilize medical plan renewal
• Improved employee wealness to reduced absenteeism (healthy employees are happy employees which = productivity)
• In some instances it may also have a potential positive effect on employers Workers Comp MOD factor

*The PHMP begins with the employee electing to pay the premium and services through a Section 125 payroll deduction which reduces the employees’ taxable income creating significant payroll savings for employers.

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           Monthly Wellness Indemnity Benefits

Telephonic and Electronic Professional Lifestyle Counseling
Includes telephonic, text and email encounters.
• Offers personal coaching that supports you in ways that peers and physicians often cannot.
• Our Coaches are trained professionals who know how to set-up a program that is designed specifically for you.

Online Health Program Coaching
Uniquely tailored training and prevention programs are built to address your specific health needs and goals.

Health Screening Daily Indemnity Benefits
The Proactive Risk Solutions PHMP provides many additional indemnity benefits to assess your current health.
Those benefits include:
Bone Marrow Testing                               Stress Test (Bicycle or Treadmill)          CA 15-3 (Breast Cancer)

                 CEA (Blood Test For Colon Cancer)           Chest X-ray                                         PSA (Prostate Cancer)
                 Serum Protein Electrophoresis (Myeloma)  Breast Ultrasound                                Thermography (Infrared Photo)

Biometric Screening
identifies risk factors for illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease up to ten (10) years before full onset.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
The PHMP includes an HRA to determine which aspects of your well-being may require attention. PHMP professionals utilize the collected data to customize a program to fit every individual’s unique needs.

Telephonic and Electronic Health Coaching
Includes telephonic, text and email encounters.
Health coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavioral change by challenging you to identify your unique values and transform your goals into actions.

Grants you access to a network of licensed doctors who provide 24/7/365 telemedicine visits for non-emergency illnesses.


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